SmallTest – Test Management In JIRA

SmallTest is an add-on that turns JIRA into a full-fledged Test Management System. There are several reasons why we choose to build a Test Manage System as an extension to JIRA instead of as a separated application:

  • Most Agile teams are using JIRA already. This is a popular ALM with highly flexible workflow and field system. There will be no extra cost for deploying and operating SmallTest.
  • JIRA is highly extensible with hundreds of add-ons. They provide extra functions for JIRA and integrate JIRA with other applications. By living in harmony with this rich ecosystem, SmallTest can provide users with benefits beyond its own capabilities.
  • All SmallTest’s data will be kept inside JIRA database, so users will have one less thing to worry about data security and backup. Your data will always be yours, even after you stop using SmallTest – no vendor lock-in of any kind.

SmallTest gives you features that help you test better, both manual and automated testing:

  • Keep track of testing activities with Test History.
  • Review development status in different types of reports using SmallTest’s JQL syntax.
  • Write Test Cases in Gherkin language with SmallTest’s Gherkin Custom Field.
  • Integrate JIRA and automation tools using SmallTest’s plugin for Jenkins, CLI tool, and APIs.

Please visit our documentation for detailed instructions.